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Diplomacy or Something Like It, Part 3

Posted on Thu 29th Feb, 2024 @ 12:28am by Krell House of Mer'uk & Elizabeth Anderson M.D. & Lieutenant Lissi Regos & T'Vala & Tessanna (Tessa) Valeri
Edited on on Thu 29th Feb, 2024 @ 12:34am

1,015 words; about a 5 minute read

Mission: O' the Cardiff Rose
Location: IKS Amar
Timeline: MD 5 0818 hours

Dr. Anderson knew there would be plenty of time to rest on the trip with Krell, and she didn't actually need sleep, so she was locking her apartment door by 0730 and reached Amar a few minutes before 8. She had a PADD tucked into the upper armband of what she considered her uniform, though it was nothing that could be confused with a Starfleet uniform. She greeted the Klingon with a cheery smile, which humans responded to, but Klingons frequently didn't.

"Good morning, Ambassador! I'm looking forward to our trip, and few casualties," she said, checking her internal time. "And I think I'm right on time."

Krell nodded, "Thank you for coming, Doctor." He indicated the Klingon beside him. "This is Commander Koor, Captain of the Amar." Krell turned to Koor, "Commander, this is Doctor Anderson. I thought that it would be prudent to have another Doctor with us with all the Federation ships that will be floating about."

"That is a wise choice, Ambassador." Koor's eyes went to the Human-looking woman, "It is a pleasure to meet you, Doctor and welcome aboard the Amar."

Before the doctor could respond, she heard someone behind her and turned to see a woman she recognized, and knew worked with the ambassador, Lt. Lissi Regos. Elizabeth smiled and turned back to the captain.

"Thank you, sir, I'll try to stay out of your way when I'm not needed," Anderson said, suiting deed to word and moving out of the way of the woman behind her. "Just direct me where you want me."

"Good morning, Ambassador," Lissi said, addressing Krell formally. "Reporting for whatever the day brings."

Krell gave a half smile, "I am pleased that you could make it, Lieutenant. I have quarters arranged for both of you. If you will follow me?" He said to the two women then glance over at Koor. "Captain, make ready to depart."

"Yes, Ambassador." Koor said to Krell's back as the Ambassador walked away. Koor turned and began walking towards the Bridge, eager to proof his tactical and leadership skills even if it was only a mock battle.

T'Vala was not here in an official capacity, which meant she could dress casually--at least for her. Her Vulcan tunic and skirt were simple but still elegant. She wanted to have a good look at the ship and the changes since she was last here. She liked to walk, and this would help her if she needed to find her way. She also had much to think about on this trip. She was a firm believer in IDIC, and had been an ambassador long enough to appreciate that not all paths appeared logical at first, even if they were, ultimately, the most logical. Much like the one she was considering. And for this, she did not wish Tessa's presence.

She made a note of where she was and began her walk. Perhaps, at the end of this trip, she would decide it was time to have a conversation with a certain Klingon. She came up behind a small group being led by Ambassador Krell and fell in behind them.

As the small group walked down the corridor, Krell glanced over at T'Vala, "When all of you are settled in, perhaps you would care to have some drinks in the Observation lounge." The offer was to everyone, but Krell still looked at T'Vala.

She was glad that no one but Krell paid attention to her as her eyes met his with more of the feelings she kept carefully under control than was prudent. She'd seen her quarters a few minutes before as the ambassador was waiting for the rest of his guests to arrive. "Thank you for the invitation. I would like to see your ship first, but I will join the others there later." She blinked and her expression was again politely passive.

Krell nodded to her, "Very well, if you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to ask. I must see them to their quarters." He turned back forward and began walking again.

T'Vala half hoped he would offer to show her the changes to the ship, but he had obligations to his guests. She gave him a half bow in acknowledgement. "My thanks." She waited until they continued on their way, then took the next corridor. She definitely needed to do some thinking.

Anderson was doing some observation and thinking of her own. Something was off with the Vulcan, and she had a good idea what. The woman had decisions to make, and soon,

The group continued to walk down the corridor until they reached the VIP quarters. These quarters were modified to be more elegant and much more accommodating and comfortable. The Klingons didn't believe in comfort. They thought that it would make them weak. Krell believed that not all passengers that would travel on Amar would be Klingon Warriors. Sometimes they would have guests and visiting Dignitaries that would appreciate the modifications. Krell stopped at the first door, "Doctor Anderson, these are your quarters. Lieutenant, yours are right next door to hers. You will each find a PADD on the desk with a layout of the ship. Your communicators are already tied into the internal communications system."

Elizabeth nodded her appreciation. "Thank you for going out of your way to make this comfortable, Ambassador. This will do very nicely," she said looking around the unusual room.

"I am pleased that the accommodations are satisfactory." Krell looked around the room as well. "Everything looks a bit too comfortable for me." He glanced over at Lieutenant Regos, "Perhaps you two would like to take in a meal about 1230 hours?"

Glancing at the doctor, Lissi smiled. "Would you like to sample some of our comfort? Try out a little Klingon targ, while seated on a soft cushion, perhaps? I promise, it won't compromise your tough Klingon character."

Krell gave a half smile, "The chair in my office aboard the station is plenty soft. I can feel my strength being drained from me every time I have to sit in it."


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