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Elizabeth Anderson

Name Elizabeth Garrett Anderson M.D.

Position Counselor-At-Large

Character Information

Gender Female
Species EMH
Age 16 actual

Physical Appearance

Height 1.7 m (5'6.5")
Weight 60 kg (132 lb.)
Hair Color dk blond - lt brown
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Dr. Anderson is an Emergency Medical Hologram. She is a Mark IV model, designed to look mildly attractive, but mostly to be efficient. The Mark IV model has a built-in holo-emitter, so she can travel anywhere with no difficulty.


Spouse NA
Children NA
Father NA
Mother NA
Brother(s) NA
Sister(s) NA
Other Family NA

Personal CD* code given to close friends: Garrett13

*Communications Device

Personality & Traits

General Overview As the fourth generation of EMH, Elizabeth has a more pleasing personality, but is still not equipped with a standard sense of humor and has only a small variety of small talk. She is completely self-aware, but is young enough to still be learning.

UPDATE: Elizabeth has been learning and growing faster on SB109 than she did on ships. Possibly the addition of Damion to her life has fostered her growth, and possibly becoming civilian instead of Starfleet has forced her into new paths of thinking, as well. Her humor and small talk have both advanced, so that many people aren't aware she is not biological.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Enormous database of medical and psychological information on every Federation species and many non-Federation species.
+ Experience as an EMH in Starfleet for twelve years.
+ Experience as a humanoid counselor for three years.
+ Feels compassion.

- Doesn't feel fear, but understands it in others.
- Too prone to going off on her own without considering danger.
- Still too trusting of others, though caution is building.
Ambitions Dr. Anderson was not equipped with an ambition chip.
Hobbies & Interests *jazz music of the early 20th century
*plays the piano
*likes word games

Personal History Elizabeth Garrett Anderson was activated in 2380 and tested for six months before being installed on USS Horizon. In her testing period, she named herself after the first female to gain a medical license in Great Britain, in 1865. Dr. Anderson worked on Horizon for five and a half years. When it was damaged and scrapped, she was removed and then installed on USS Samurai. Elizabeth was updated with counseling programming, experimentally, and served successfully on Samurai for three years before it was sent to refit after a 3-month disappearance.

Before being transferred to USS Andromeda, Elizabeth was upgraded with a number of new chips, and complete autonomy, though she could access the ship's computer through an interface. During her time on Andromeda, Anderson's software and hard-wiring began to program new abilities into Elizabeth, making her more human-like than ever.

Thirteen years working with Starfleet personnel has given Elizabeth a database of information on human and humanoid characteristics. Although generally able to use that information to appear less computer-like, she still has a tendency to be analytical and blunt, rarely seeing a need to soften the blow, as it were. Even as a counselor, she is not overly empathetic, though she has an empathy chip. Her logical opinion is that coddling does not solve a problem, and if people want to change, they must work at it.

Although a smile is programmed, as well as a laugh, and Elizabeth has learned to use both somewhat effectively, she still occasionally uses them at inappropriate times. Having no sense of embarrassment, this causes her no trouble at all.

Dr. Anderson plays the piano very competently, preferring jazz music, though she is capable of many other types of music. Her performances are note-perfect, and she can copy any style, but there was never emotion in her playing, so there were those who preferred not to be present when she performed. During her time on Hermes, however, that began to change, as her programming continues to evolve.

Word games are another of Elizabeth's activities. She has informed those who ask that it helps to keep her brain paths clear. Exactly what she means, no one is sure. Essentially, she likes all puzzles and word play, but is rarely, if ever, stumped by one.

Anderson has experienced one away mission on USS Andromeda and one on USS Hermes. She found it quite interesting and broadening to actually visit another real environment in both cases. In the right circumstances, she would go again. She does prefer to be working rather than stored, and has asked to be on a regular shift rotation.

Dr. Anderson has received no injuries in the line of duty. During a mountain climbing holographic experience on Samurai, she did manage to break her wrist wiring, but engineering was able to repair the damage with no difficulty. Regular examinations are routine for the doctor, but they are conducted by the chief engineer, not the medical staff.

Shortly before arriving on SB109, (after meeting and counseling Damion Ildaron) Elizabeth began to experience changes. At first she didn't understand them, and that confusion is ongoing, but she is beginning to sort out a few things. She is developing characteristics beyond a mere EMH, or holographic personality. She is becoming human, she thinks. Starfleet has made a contract with her, an experiment for them, that she may stay on SB109 as a civilian. They are interested in seeing if she will develop the kinds of sentient capabilities that Data did, and whether they need to alter the programming in their EMH software to keep that from happening in the future.

Being more logical than trusting, still, Anderson has set up protections for her personality and mental capacity, as well as for her memory. Some of it is recorded in the starbase database, hidden among other kinds of nebulous information where it is extremely unlikely to be found by anyone who doesn't know exactly where it is. There are other safeguards she has set up. Her fear is that Starfleet will learn what they want to learn, and instead of keeping the contract to free her from service, they will simply terminate her. As she has not been declared sentient, a contract with her is essentially non-binding.

Elizabeth's office is in Tivoli Gardens, near Pale Moon books, and above a dance studio. On the third floor, above her office, is her apartment with eat-in kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room. A small balcony with white wrought iron railings, off the living room, overlooks the street out front and gives room for a few plants, a small cafe table with two chairs, and a garden bench. Entrance is through two glass French doors.
Service Record 2380: Activated and trained
2381-2386: USS Horizon
2386-2389: USS Samurai
2389-2390: USS Andromeda
2390-2393: USS Hermes
2393: Starbase 109