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Krell House of Mer'uk

Name Krell House of Mer'uk

Position Klingon Empire Ambassador

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Klingon
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 4"
Weight 275lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Krell is a pretty big fellow, but average for a Klingon standing at 6’ 4 “. He has cranial ridges typical of a full blood Klingon. He has long, thick dark brown hair that he keeps loose most of the time. His dark eyes can be penetrating at times. He’s very fit and has a powerful body. He has several battle scars on his chest and both legs.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Mer'uk
Mother Dan'aka
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Some uncles

Personality & Traits

General Overview Krell is as honorable and traditional as Klingons get. He is also a warrior though and through, but he values honor most of all. Krell distrusts most humans and doesn’t make friends easily. The friends that he does make will find that he is most trustworthy and loyal. Krell has a sense of humor and laughs at jokes that are funny.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Krell is an excellent swordsman and is skilled with all Klingon bladed weapons
+ He is honorable and loyal
+ Extremely proficient in the Mok'barra,
- Doesn’t like being wrong or told that he is wrong
- Stubborn
- Strong willed
Ambitions His favorite thing in the galaxy is to command his cruiser in battle and maybe one day, die a hero and go to Sto’vo’kor, but he also wants the seat on the council, when he is a little older. He doesn’t like the direction in which the council is leading the Klingon people.
Hobbies & Interests Krell doesn’t play many games, he is more into fitness and training like working out or trying some of the calisthenics programs on the device called the holodeck. Of course, he is willing to try new physical activities. Although he is manly, he enjoys the Klingon Opera and listens to Shakespeare’s work in Klingon.

Personal History Born July 1st 2355 on the Klingon home world, Qo’noS to the house of Mer’uk. Mer’uk was a great General and was known for his brilliant battle strategies that helped the Klingons win many a great battle. Mer’uk had received The Order of the Bat’leth and would soon take his place on the Klingon High Council. His mother, Dan’aka was born of noble blood and resided at the family palace on Qo'noS.

Krell only had the hot summers on Qo’noS to be a young boy and get to know his parents. Other than that short time he was on another planet learning how to be a warrior.

Krell went to his first school on the planet Ogat so he could begin his training to become a Warrior and prepare himself for the Age of Ascension. At the age of thirteen he took The Rite of Ascension ritual and declared his intent to become a Warrior.

After the Rite of Ascension, Krell went to a warrior’s school known as DuSaQmey. There he worked hard at his studies and even harder at his battle prowess with Klingon edged weapons and hand to hand combat known as the mok’bara. He graduated with honors, but was never offered a position in the Honor Guard, something that he had expected.

Through all of his schooling he had a good friend, Reg’al. Reg’al was Krell’s support, they did everything together and pushed each other beyond what either thought they could do. The two were posted on the same ship together, the vor’cha class battle cruiser, the IKS Ber’ab. Krell was a gunner and Reg’al was a communications Officer.

Shortly after the posting, Krell met the love of his life J’yola. J’yola was a nurse aboard the ship and Krell met her when he was nearly killed during a fierce assault on a Romulan outpost. Krell was head over heels after that.

The couple became inseparable after that and Reg’al hated it and what was worse was that he loved J’yola too. Reg’al began to do anything he could to break up the couple, but his plans failed for a while. It had been two years and finally J’yola had enough of Reg’al and transferred off of the Ber’ab.
J’yola had decided alone that Krell needed his longtime friend and battle buddy instead of her at least in the short term and maybe one day they could be together, just not right now. Krell was blinded by his friendship that he didn’t see how Reg’al had tried to drive a wedge between him and J’yola or even that he had chased her away with his advances. He never really payed attention to the roomers that were spread, but once she was gone, he began to realize what had happened.

For the betrayal, Krell challenged Reg’al to a fight to the death and the two began the longest, hardest, bloodiest fight they had ever been. They were both equals and knew each other’s weaknesses. In the end, Krell was victorious, but even though he wounded Reg’al to the point of incapacitation, he didn’t kill him and robbed him of his honor. Reg’al would never forgive him for that.
Krell transferred to a different cruiser, the IKS Bej’joq as the Gunner. The Bej’joq was a glorious ship that had participated in many battles and had always been victorious. Over time Krell rose to the position of First Officer and in a bloody battle the Captain of the Bej’joq was gravely wounded and Krell was forced to assassinate him and become the commanding officer of the Bej’joq and finish the battle with a heavily damaged ship.

Krell was promoted to Captain later on and continued to command the Bej’joq, he enjoyed what he did. Back on Qo’noS, his father Mur’uk had been one of the 24 council members, but was assassinated recently. Krell went back to his home world to put his father to rest and during that time he was approached by some of the council members, they gave him a promotion to Colonel and ordered him to report to SB109 in Federation space as a Klingon Diplomat. They assured him that he would return in a year or so and that his family seat on the council would be held by his mother until he returned, but this was an elaborate scheme by Reg’al to get rid of Krell and take the seat on the council from his family.

Krell had no choice in this matter since it was a lawful order from superiors.
Service Record 2368 – Age of Ascension – Enrolled in the school DuSaQmey
2375 – Graduates the Warrior’s school - IKS Ber’ab - Weapons Officer- Bekk
2380 – IKS Ber’ab - Weapons Officer – Sergeant
2381 – IKS Bej’joq - Weapons Officer/Gunner – Sergeant
2383 – IKS Bej’joq – Weapons Officer/Gunner – Lieutenant
2386 – IKS Bej’joq – First Officer - Commander
2390 – IKS Bej’joq – Captain
2393 - SB109- Klingon Ambassador