The Sim

ou gar dokeīn aristos, all’ einai thelei
Not to seem, but to be, the best


The Stardock class of starbases comprises the largest spacebound structures ever built by the United Federation of Planets. Starbase 109, Starfleet's sentinel against the wilds beyond the borders, exists to support the varied missions of starships in the sector: border patrol, search and rescue, exploration, and defense.

With massive construction facilities available in the shirt-sleeve environment of the inner harbor, Starbase 109 could fabricate ships from the keel up, or repair even the most significant damage. To the crews of those ships, Starbase 109 is a haven. To the Federation, it is a bastion. But to the people who live there, it is simply... home.

EU’s General Domestic Privacy Regulation

Theta Fleet and Starbase 109 collect only names, generally character names and a first name of the player, e-mail addresses, and the IP address used to register for the forums or for a sim. They are stored onsite for login purposes and to keep characters together under the same email.

This information is not sold or disseminated to third parties. We are unable to gather any data but that which is used strictly for applying to a sim. We do not harvest data about players, their characters, or anything they do outside of their sims or the fleet site. We do not track players.

When a player joins a sim, they agree to have the character, user name, and email archived on the site. The only people who can access this information are the system administrators and the webmaster. The information will remain on the site until the sim is closed. It will not be searched out, sold to third parties, or posted publicly. We are a forum for text-based role-playing games. Most of the emails used are created specifically for this purpose.

If you are concerned about your data, we suggest you create an email for simming and use a first name only. If you would like to read the complete and legal Theta Fleet statement of the policy simplified here, click the link to go to the exact page on LCARS.