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Tessanna (Tessa) Valeri

Name Tessanna (Tessa) Valeri

Position Vulcan Diplomatic Liaison

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Catalan
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 6"
Weight 132
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tessa is too curvaceous to be fashionable, but she likes to tell people she has a "classic beauty." She likes to wear tea-length skirts and long-sleeved blouses that look more like they belong on a modern gypsy--her ancestry. They suit her personality.

She loves colors--partly to rebel against the very prim Vulcan culture.

She wears her hair long and free.

She likes wearing skirts or pants with blouses and vests. If she's working, they're more demure than when she's off-duty.


Father Petro Valeri
Mother Joanna Valeri
Brother(s) Pyotr Valeri
Stefan Valeri

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tessa is vivacious, incorrigible, outrageous, and loves life. She is cheerful and loves to laugh. Her personality generally matches her dress. She's an unrepentant rebel.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Patient, flexible, hard worker, studious, organized.
Cheerful, versatile, loving and loyal

Can be a bit too much of a bohemian for some people.
Stubborn, willful, leads with her heart.
Is the type to help every wounded animal and child.
Ambitions She hasn't decided yet.
Hobbies & Interests Plays the drums, pan pipes, tambourine.
Sings. Loves to dance, especially folk dances.

Loves nature, especially plants. She has several in her room and workplace.

Loves classic Earth rock, Vulcan jazz, and anything that strikes her fancy.

Personal History Tessa's parents are from a small colony on Catalan III. They migrated to Vulcan shortly after they married to give their children a better education in the sciences. The older boys loved science, and loved the opportunity to learn. They didn't mind the strict Vulcan rules or the control they had to show at school. They believed it would help them get jobs later. They also had their friends in the human sector to play with in the evenings.

Tessa, however, had a hard time holding still and focusing. It took her three years for her parents and her brothers to convince her that it was in her best interest to pretend to act like the others while in school. She made it a game, creating a persona and "acting." Unfortunately, the Vulcan children knew better by now and teased her. Instead of crawling into her shell and being miserable, Tessa got mad. She decided she was going to convince the other students that she could be as good as they were. It took another three years, but she not only behaved in school, she made a couple of friends.

She studied the other kids, taking the mannerisms that she felt most comfortable emulating and made them a part of her "professional personal." She learned how Vulcans thought and how they reasoned. This made her a great liaison for the human children. She could explain to them why the Vulcan children acted the way they did. In turn, she could explain humans to the Vulcans.

By the time she graduated, she was quite adept at this. One of her teachers recomme4nded she become a professional liaison, working with Vulcans. She chose diplomacy because it appealed to her sense of the ridiculous.

When she first met T'vala, she thought she was pompous. But with time, she leaned that she, too, puts on an act. Now, they have an odd sort of friendship that works well for both of them.