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Diplomacy or Something Like It, Part 2

Posted on Sun 31st Dec, 2023 @ 1:49pm by Krell House of Mer'uk & Commander T'Venderath & Elizabeth Anderson M.D. & Lieutenant Lissi Regos & T'Vala & Tessanna (Tessa) Valeri

1,312 words; about a 7 minute read

Mission: O' the Cardiff Rose
Location: IKS Amar and docking port.
Timeline: MD:5 0800

It was nearly 0800 hours on the station and three Klingons stood at the docking port as they waited for their VIP Guests. The Amar, an aging Vorcha class battle cruiser stood by and was ready to depart the station at a moment's notice. Special quarters had been assigned to the guests if they wanted them to include padded beds and chairs as well as Federation replicators.

A Klingon ship being assigned to the Starfleet station primarily for the Ambassador's use needed the slight modifications if he were going to entertain guests who were not Klingon. He didn't think of the guests as inferior in any way; he had the modifications done strictly so that they may have some type of comfort. Not everyone could handle sleeping on a solid meta; surface like a Klingon warrior.

Krell, Koor and Bun'eth patently waited for their guests. Krell glanced to the Captain of the Amar, "I trust that all the modifications are complete."

"Yes, Ambassador." Koor said with a slight nod.

"It is possible that T'Vala and T'Venderath may not want the upgraded quarters. They are Vulcan and have great discipline."

Koor was still a young Captain eager to prove himself in battle. Sure the war games were good, but he yearned for real battle.

Krell looked over at Bun'eth, the XO of the Amar. She was a tall, beautiful half Klingon from a very powerful house, Bacx. "Commander Bun'eth, will you see the guests to their quarters?'

Bun'eth nodded her head briefly, a woman of few words, generally. "Hija'"*

T'Venderath made her way down the curved corridor of the outer docking ring. Her head turned to study the striking lines of the Amar, which was partially visible through the observation windows. Like most ships of the Empire, it was serpentine green and aggressive looking. A thing built for combat efficiency, not for aesthetics. Logical by Klingon standards.

As she approached the airlock she offered a curt nod to the assembled reception party. "Permission to come aboard?" she asked Koor.

Koor glanced down at the Vulcan in front of him. She wore a Starfleet uniform with the color of Command and the pips of a full Commander. He nodded, "Permission granted, Commander T'Venderath. You have already met the Ambassador, this is my First Officer, Commander Bun'eth." Koor indicated the tall, beautiful Klingon woman that wore Klingon Warrior armor just like him.

Respectfully, Bun'eth bowed again, this time as an inferior officer to a superior, clasping her hands behind her.

T'Venderath responded with her own respectful nod. One first officer to another. Then, seeing the Klingons had switched their attention to something behind her, she turned around too.

T'Vala was later than she preferred, thanks to Tessa who forgot no less than three things before they could be on their way. The girl had yet to learn to pack only what was necessary. But she was still young and the Vulcan had grown used to her excentricities. Usually. She was here as an ambassador, but also as a guest of Krell, so she chose to wear a traditional Vulcan dress that would be acceptable for both. She would not admit, except to herself, that she was looking forward to seeing Krell again. There had been no spontaneous encounters since their return to the station and she was looking forward to this on both a professional and personal level.

Tessa was quiet as she walked beside the ambassador. It was partly because she was just a bit intimidated by the Klingons. But mostly it was because she'd stayed up too late the night before trying to decide what to pack and she was tired.

T'Vala took careful note of everyone at the docking port as she approached. For this first meeting, she would leave it to the Klingons to set the tone of their stay.

"Ambassador T'Vala, Tessa, it is good to see you both again. You already know Captain Koor and Commander Bun'eth. " He indicated the two Klingons then indicated to the new XO of SB109, "This Commander T'Venderath."

T'Venderath raised her hand in the traditional Vulcan salute. "Madame Ambassador. Peace and long life."

"Live long and prosper," T'Vala replied, returning the Vulcan hand sign. "I heard of your arrival on the station. I am honored to make your acquaintance."

Then the ambassador turned to the Klingons. "Captain Koor, Commander Bun'eth, it is good to see you again." Finally, she turned to Krell, her eyes lingering on him a moment longer. "And you, Krell. It is, as always, a pleasure."

Tessa was grining. "Hi. Thank you for the invitation." She was trying very hard to be proper. At least for now.

Krell kept his eyes on T'Vala, "Thank you both for joining me." He looked around for a moment, "We are still waiting for my assistant and one other. Commander Bun'eth can show you to your quarters so you can settle in."

T'Vala gave him a half smile. "And where shall we meet you after?"

"Since the Amar is now assigned to me, I have had several modifications to the ship to make it more versatile. In addition to changes to some quarters for guests, there is also an observation lounge for the guests as well as a large gathering room that can be used for dining or social functions. We can all meet at the Observation Lounge, it's called Eight Forward."

T'Vala bowed. "Then I look forward to seeing you there."

Bun'eth wondered briefly how she could feel as if she were tailing the Ambassador when she was leading her to her quarters. It was of no consequence, and she soon shrugged it off. She stopped momentarily at a junction. Nodding to the right, she indicated, "Eight Forward is a short distance in that direction. Your quarters are this way." She led them to the left, noting the unnecessary bouncing of the ambassador's assistant. And was the ambassador smiling? That seemed ... inappropriate.

The ambassador was not smiling. However, there was a slight twinkle in her eye as she walked beside Bun'eth. She'd been on this ship before and knew some of its corridors. However, she wanted to get to her assigned room to have a few moments to herself before dealing with her over-excited aide.

T'Venderath also gave a second's contemplation to the faint smile, but let it go. Diplomacy was a discipline that sometimes required different methods of expression. She was confident that the Ambassador's logic was well grounded. Falling into step next to Tessa she introduced herself. "Commander T'Venderath. It is most agreeable to make your acquaintance."

"Hi...I mean, hello. I'm Tessanna, Ambassador T'Vala's aide. You're the new first officer, right?" Tessa tried to stop bouncing and walk more sedately now that there was another Vulcan around. T'Vala kept telling her to act more appropriately, but Tessa didn't always do as she was told. But now, she was trying.

"Correct," the XO replied, noticing her change in demeanor. "What do your duties entail as an ambassador's aide?"

"I run errands, act as receptionist, take notes during meetings because the ambassador is trying to help me focus, and I come on assignments with her." Tessa bounced a little. "She doesn't need me to take notes, but sometimes she likes to hear what I observed. If I can ask, why are you here? I mean, here watching the war games, not here as in here on the station."

"The Ambassador invited me," the XO replied. By comparison she walked with evenly spaced steps, back straight, eyes forward, and hands crossed behind her back. "I did not ask why, but I assume he was merely extending a courtesy to Starfleet by inviting a senior officer from the station. A gracious offer, as outsiders are rarely permitted aboard Klingon warships."

"I know. Isn't it exciting?" Tessa replied.


*an affirmative to a yes/no question


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