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A Boat Load of Fun Part II

Posted on Thu 29th Feb, 2024 @ 12:32am by Lieutenant Commander Dallas Briggs & Lieutenant Commander Kiara Lena

1,622 words; about a 8 minute read

Mission: O' the Cardiff Rose
Location: Deck 1554 aboard the Delta Queen
Timeline: MD2 1715 hours

The couple departed the turbolift and entered deck 1554. It immediately opened up into a whole new world with beautiful, lush, green trees tha gently moved in the soft wind. In the distance a steam whistle from one of the boats sounded, letting all within earshot know that it was about to dock. From where they were now, Dallas could see the River Walk. Vendors of all types were lined up to sell their goods or services to anyone who desired them. Dallas looked around before spotting her and then pointed, "There she is, the Delta Queen."

"She's beautiful." Kiera said, taking his hand. "It seems like such a long time ago since we were here last. I didn't realize until now how much I need this." She smiled at him. "And you. Let's go take a closer look."

The couple walked towards the ship as they took in the sights and sounds of the river. Another boat whistle could be heard off in the distance. Dallas looked around noting just how busy this place actually was. "Names please?" The man at the gate asked as they approached.

"Briggs for two." Dallas replied as he squeezed her hand briefly.

The man scanned his PADD then nodded, "Welcome aboard. You have a cabin reserved on the upper deck, 212."

"Thank you." Dallas said as he led Kiara aboard.

She looked around, enjoying the ship's decor. It almost felt like she'd forgotten how to relax, but she was looking forward to this time away but not away. "We have a cabin?"

Dallas nodded as they walked up the stairs, "Yes, since we are having dinner, dancing and drinks here, why go all the way back to our quarters when we can stay here and take in the whole experience." Dallas stopped to face her, "I do hope you don't mind."

"Of course not." She leaned up and kissed him. "I think it's a great idea. Besides, no one can come knocking on the door looking for you." Well, they could, but they weren't likely to track him down on the boat. They'd just use his commbadge. Still, she hoped they'd have this time together. As soon as they were in the cabin, she'd postpone her meeting. This was more important.

"It would be very nice if we weren't distributed at all the whole weekend." The couple continued on until they found the door with the number 212 above it. "Home away from home?" He said before he inserted a real brass key into the lock and turned it counter clockwise and slowly removing the key. He turned the doorknob which allowed the door to open. He waved her to enter first.

Kiara walked in, pausing in the middle of the room to turn a full circle to take everything in. "This is going to be wonderful." The room had an old-fashioned feel to it that made her feel like they really were on an old steamboat. She didn't realize until just now how much she needed to escape with Dallas--even here.

He walked in behind her, "I have something for you in the closet, it should also help you get into the whole feel of the experience."

"You do?" She didn't even think to get him anything. She would definitely remedy that on this trip. Something for him to remember their second riverboat ride. But right now, she was curious to see what sort of costume was in the closet.

She opened the closet to see a long, full dress from the antebellum south. It perfectly suited the riverboat and was a lovely shade of green. She turned and kissed Dallas. "Thank you. It's beautiful."

Dallas smiled, happy that she liked the dress. "I'm glad you like it and I would love to see you in it." They had about 40 minutes before boat was to depart for their little trip down the river.

"Good, because I might need your help to get it fastened up properly." She smiled. She wasn't sure how the back fastened, only that the dress fastened in the back. But either way, help would be appreciated. "Did you bring something suitable as well?"

"I have something equally fashionable from this era in the other closet." He got close to her, "Perhaps before we get you into that new dress, we should get you out of your cloths and get you all cleaned up." He began to kiss her tenderly.

She returned his kiss, thinking once again how lucky she was to have him in her life. When the kiss broke, she smiled. "That sounds lovely."

Dallas began to pull Kiara towards the bathroom while he began to peel off her clothes. "I hope they have running water here."

"They should. It would fit the period." She helped him with the last of her clothes, then helped him remove his shirt. "How long did you say we have before the boat launches?"

“I believe it’s about 30 minutes. That might be enough time for what I have in mind and if it isn’t then we’re just going to have to miss the cast off.” Dallas said between kisses.

They did not make it on deck in time, but neither one minded. They'd both been so busy recently that Kiara was in no rush to join the other passengers. As long as they made it to dinner, she was happy to spend a little extra time with the man she loved.

Time passed by as they enjoyed each other in the shower, exploring one another like they had never done before. Once they were done Dallas tuned off the water and grabbed a towel for Kiara. He wrapped the towel around her and pulled her in close to him and gave her another kiss. "This is just what I needed." He said softly when the kiss broke.

"Me, too." She sighed and kissed his shoulder. "Let's get dressed and see what's planned for today. Although I should warn you, I expect more of the same tonight." He'd gone to a lot of effort for this, and she was going to enjoy this mini vacation.

"Well, let's see, there is dinner, then dancing and drinks and then we will have to play it by ear after that." Dallas said as began to towel her off.

"Dinner, dancing, and more play," she teased, enjoying this bit of pampering. "I like the sound of that."

"I hear that there is a massage room for his and hers massages, but I don't think it opens back up again until the morning. If you are lucky, which I think you are, you may just get a private massage after this evening festivities." Dallas said as he finished toweling her off and began to dry himself with a fresh towel.

That sounded better than dinner and dancing, but she'd wait. He made her feel pampered and loved. She just wished they didn't have to spend so much time apart with their various responsibilities. "I may hold you to that." She watched Dallas for a moment, then padded into the bedroom to dress for dinner.

Dallas finished drying himself off then followed Kiara so he could change into his clothing for dinner and the evening's enjoyment.

Kiara had a dress set out on the bed and was dressed in a slip and hose. She turned to watch Dallas and smiled. "I'm looking forward to dancing with you tonight."

Dallas had already put on his underwear and walked up to her, taking her in his arms and began the waltz with her as he hummed.

Kiara had never waltzed in her underwear before. She was tempted to ask him if he wanted to order room service and dance in their quarters, but he'd gone to a lot of effort for this trip and there would be plenty of time for private dancing when they returned. She leaned forward and kissed him, then stepped back. In a southern drawl she said, "I do declaire, Mr. Briggs, you've quite swept me off my feet."

Dallas chuckled, "Tonight is your night and we will do whatever you want to do., after dinner though, I'm very hungry." He released her hands and began getting dressed again. "That sure is a lovely dress." He added as he watched her.

"Thank you." She chuckled and finished dressing. "I admit, I'm hungry, too. I wonder what they have for dinner?"

"I'm sure they have a few dishes to choose from, but they will all be from the time period and locality." he said as he continued to dress himself. It was a bit of work to dress up in a suit of this time.

It was easier for Kiara as she had worn a number of gowns in her time as ambassador. Still, she couldn't quite finish hooking up the back of her dress. She went over to Dallas and turned her back. "Could you please help me?"

"I believe the technical term is, 'zip me up?', however in this period they didn't have zipper yet." He said as he finished buttoning the dress 'back.

"No. They have hooks and eyes. And buttons. Lots of buttons." She flashed him a grin. "The plus side is that you'll have to help me unbutton after dinner."

"And after this evening's events we can take another shower." Dallas grinned mischievously behind her as he continued to secure the back of the dress.

She grinned. "I think that can be arranged." When she was properly fastened, she turned. "then we should go to dinner so we'll have the energy for a night of...clean fun." She gave him a chaste kiss and slipped her hand into the crook of his arm.


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