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Captain's Personal Log

Posted on Thu 23rd Nov, 2023 @ 5:21am by Commander Zed

337 words; about a 2 minute read

Zed walked over to her sofa and sat down and pulled her legs up under her, effectively curling up comfortably. She picked up the PADD and the hot cup of black tea that was on the near by end table. She activated the PADD with her fingerprint. The screen came to life and the rear facing camera displayed a live image of her face.

"Begin recording." She said. "Captain's Personal Log." She began. "Stardate 2232.1, the Thunderchild is back at Starbase 109 after cutting its patrol short to aid the USS Comfort which was under attack by pirates. Attacks carried out by pirates are becoming more and more frequent hence the need for continued and frequent patrols."

"The escort ship, the USS Tigris commanded by Captain Preston Calhoun left the USS Comfort without protection while she went to aid a convoy that claimed it was also under attack by pirates. Undoubtedly this had been a trap. I have submitted my report to Starfleet which will Undoubtedly contribute to the hearing for Captain Calhoun. His negligence did cost the loss of life and very important supplies that were needed."

"The Thunderchild has been ordered to participate in the war game simulation that will being the day after tomorrow with Starfleet and the Klingon Empire. I have submitted a report to Starfleet and the Klingon Empire that the program used for the simulation could affect the Klingon ships. The program runs the risk of causing a cascading power failure resulting in a complete loss of power aboard the affected ship for hours. The fused circuits had to be replaced. This situation could happen after a quick, powerful maneuver. Starfleet and the Klingon Empire both dismissed my warning and decided to go ahead with the simulation without further studies. They said it was an acceptable risk."

"Computer, end report."

After the screen went blank, Zed set it on the sofa sear beside her and picked up the mug of hot tea and took a sip. The Thunderchild would depart in the morning.


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