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Prodigal Outlaw

Posted on Mon 4th Sep, 2023 @ 8:26pm by Renato Solis

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-Renato Solis: Personal Log entry-

{Civilian RT Hauler “OllyOxenFree” ~16 hours to Ullia~}

I can’t say the word without it making me feel ill. “Home.” The word chokes me every time. Where is home, not down the path by which I am now dragged inexorably screaming. Who is there, do I have anything of my old life to go back to? Twenty one years on a floating hulk light years from here and I feel more like I’m leaving home then going back to something I’d even recognize!

My record is wiped. Something I did by accident which changed my whole life and sent me as an exile to the galaxy… The Stigma is unenforceable by any legal means though the mobs protesting have other ideas clearly. There is even a subsidy for housing. Like I plan to live here, but that’s the rub isnt it? I was a political refugee yesterday. Today I am a provisional member of the Federation. I’d have to seek permission to return.

I’ve never felt farther, the closer I get the tighter the band stretches tethering me to… them.

God, I want go home.


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