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Commander Zed

Name Zed

Position Captain, Thunder Child

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan/Human Hybrid
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 1.6 Meters
Weight 49.8 kilos
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Zed is a petite woman standing about 5' 4" or 1.6 meters and doesn't weigh much either. Zed has dark brown hair that is normally cut short and has the Vulcan angled eyebrows along with the tall pointed ears. She has dark brown, puppy dog eyes that do show emotion, unlike a full-blooded Vulcan.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Adenkar
Mother Ivek
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Yurien
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Zed is quiet for the most part, but she is easygoing. She doesn't always rely on logic but, she uses her gut for decisions. She's not the typical Vulcan and doesn't suppress her emotions, but does allow herself to experience them.

Personal History Zed was born on Vulcan in the city of Raal at or about January 29, 2360, to a Vulcan princess and a human Starfleet officer, or at least that much is presumed. You see, when Zed was about 6 months old, she was living with her parents at a Vulcan Science colony in the Danara system not far from Romulan space. The planet was called Danara 4. The planet seemed to be rich in many types of minerals and many types of floral species. It was a mineralogist and Botanist dream to be assigned here for studies and Zed’s mother found gratification in both subjects.

It was the assumption that Zed’s father, Captain Adam Burke, the Commanding Officer of the USS Leeds was on extended shore leave with them at that time since he was never seen or heard from again. On August 1, 2360, the colony was attacked by a strike force of Romulans, all 350 adults were massacred along with two dozen or so children. There were six children missing after the attack. A few weeks later the six children were rescued by USS Yamaguchi near the Romulan border, why the Romulans had not taken the captives to Romulan space was unknown.

Zed and the children were taken back to Vulcan where they took DNA samples so their identities could be confirmed; however, Zed’s records had been inadvertently deleted so being the last of the six to be identified it was assumed that she was Zed.

A member of the Vulcan High Council, Adenkar, and his wife, Ivek adopted Zed a year later. Zed had a challenging upbringing both physically and mentally and was picked on by the other Vulcan children for being a half breed even in higher levels of education. Zed found that she more to prove than anyone else and in this highly intellectual society it was extremely difficult.

After Zed had completed all her studies at the Vulcan Learning Center, she attended the Vulcan Science Academy with her main studies in the Medical field. Once she had graduated, she accepted a commission with the Vulcan Expeditionary Group where she remained for a few years. She continued to have an interest in the medical field and became a Medical Examiner. While assigned to the Vulcan Science ship, the T’Varn, Zed was well known for finding the truth in the death of Officials and was soon asked to investigate deaths in suspicious incidents involving high-level individuals. The Vulcan High Command thought that it was a good opportunity to help with relations and strengthen the bonds between the Vulcans and other species so when the T’Varn was not conducting Science research then it was taking Zed around as she investigated deaths. Sometimes the ship was ordered to stop its research and take Zed to a location, this began to create tension among the crew and some animosity even though Vulcans never showed emotion, but Zed did. She soon transferred off of the T’Varn.

Zed was given a shuttle to continue her Medical Examiner duties and not realizing it she had been making some enemies along the way. In her determination to find the truth and offering those results to the appropriate authorities had revealed many of these deaths as assignations. Along the way, Zed had met a lot of Starfleet Admirals and on occasion, she was offered a commission with Starfleet and after a time she accepted. Some members of the Vulcan High Command seemed agitated by Zed moving on to Starfleet, but she didn’t care, she was ready for a change. She attended the Starfleet Academy and graduated after three years.