Krell's Personal Log

Posted on Wed 31st Jan, 2024 @ 5:52pm by Krell House of Mer'uk

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Krell had shown the last two of his guests to their quarters on the Amar and went back to his quarters and decided to take a moment to add to his personal log. He sat down at the desk. It was nothing special, just a hard alloy metal frame like everything else in his quarters. The Klingons did not believe in comfort, they thought it would make them weak. There was a cushioned sofa, two cushioned chairs and coffee table at one end though, they were used to entertain certain guest if they were to come to his quarters to speak in private.

He cleared his throat, "Computer, begin my personal log."

"Working." Came a rough male Klingon voice.

"The Amar is ready to depart for the Federation/Klingon battle simulation. It is said that the exercise will help combat skills and readiness and that it will build friendship and comradery between the Starfleet and the Klingon Empire. I believe that mostly, but there is no experience like real combat which makes the blood boil with excitement knowing that any moment could be your last. The Starfleet hardware and software that was added to the Amar for the games seems to a bit glitchy. I don't think that Starfleet gear should be on a Klingon ship, they just don't mix well. I'm not sure about the other Klingon vessels, just the Amar."

"My guests are now in their quarters abord the Amar and setting in for the ride. We should reach our destination sometime late tonight. I have prepared a great lunch and dinner for the guests and crew. I think that I will find T'Val, a female Vulcan Ambassador assigned to SB109 that I have grown to admire, respect and I care about her deeply. I can truly say that I love her, however, I'm not sure that she can express her emotions to me. I have a gut feeling that she also feels something for me, but I just don't know how things would be. Klingons share a lot of emotions when they mate. If things don't work out then I feel that the relationship that we currently share could be destroyed. I still feel that I must do something, even if it may not be right, my heart says that it is."

Krell stood sure of his actions, "Computer, end recording."

"Recording terminated and saved in your personal storage."



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