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Renato Solis

Name Renato H Solis

Position Private Investigator

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Ullian/Human
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 1.9m
Weight 210
Hair Color Salt and Pepper
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Renato is a dark man, who seems to have a shadow on his face in any light. Tall, imposing, but very quiet, and wearing clothes which blend into the background. Those who know him see a young man with bright eyes hiding dark truth. His smile is a tool, he is always on guard, never fully relaxed.


Spouse Divorced- Libby Reynolds
Children Loss due to Miscarriage during Refugee transit
Loss due to Dominion war effort
Father Banto Solis
Mother Yara Lasco
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) Celia Lasco-Solis
Other Family TBD

Personality & Traits

General Overview Renato was a broken man who got put back to work. His sense of obligation drives him to get up each day. He lost everything to the Dominion, wound up on SB109 with refugees, herded and handled until his community was so maligned nobody he knew remained. Surrounded by strangers he withdrew into himself and became severely addicted to legal stimulants. Contact with Station personnel rehabilitated him, and he found a purpose serving his community as a mediator of conflict, through factfinding and logical discourse. He eschews fame, authority, any kind of mantle that bears weight. A serial killer rampaging unchecked forces him to act, and his skills as an investigator are given notice by the right people.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Cracker-Jack Sherlock Holmes style investigator
+ Man of Honor- Community paragon and well respected
+ Well Connected- Knows people all over the quadrant
+ Flawless memory
- Driven by Duty/escapism into duty
- Big time loner
- Addiction issues
- Major Depression
Ambitions To make the world better, and forget about his pain through service.
Hobbies & Interests Wishes to see the people suffering in Brown Sector get help like him, and restore a semblance of life. Will grow into his role as an investigator and become a renowned PI.

Personal History Renato served in the Dominion war under a special division for empaths and telepaths. Their efforts were monumental to holding the changelings back from infiltrating everything. When Betazed fell, This unit was lost, shattered and Renato fled, only a few people he knew with him. He had moved his family to Betazed believing it was safe.

His wife, Libby, was evacuated off world separately, and spent months trying to find him after the fall when their communiques found each other. He was not able to find his daughter, she had been lost to orbital bombardment. Libby had lost her child in this time, and Renato learned both his children had died from the Dominion. His dark rage prompted him to join any outfit that would take him and he left her behind. She filed for a divorce and their split was not amicable.

Renato became famed for his efforts to save refugees and escort them to safety. He saved countless lives serving various outfits before finding a home with a freelance mercenary outfit protecting a medical refugee program. One group was bound for Starbase 109; Renato took pains with a few others to safely shepherd them there. Renato was one of three fighters left when the vanguard from SB109 rescued them from their pursuers.

The trials of the journey and time spent gave Renato a new community of sorts, and when he arrived at SB109 was thrilled to see groups from other evacuation gathered there, especially from Betazed. They tell him how bad it is, and Renato begins using the Starbase for other groups needing refuge, hiding in nooks and crannies throughout "the triangle."

After the war was ended, he found homes for those he could, helped those he could, and saw the rest rot. His allies left him, those he considered family found places to be and once again, Renato was left alone. His wife would have nothing to do with him, his half sister and mother was estranged on Ullia, and his father at large in the beta quadrant chasing mad science in the name of archaeology.

So Renato watched everyone leave him, withdrew to a blanket fort in Brown Sector and found escape in drugs. Time passed, he lost himself, and an outreach program rescued him from the pits of despair. Counselors gave him a purpose helping others in Brown Sector find a reason to better themselves and give them tools to do so. His empathic abilities and life time acquired skills allow him to serve the Counselors well, and when they need help they turn to him. His connections were still there, and his fame amongst the people there give him an honored elder, and prodigal son status.
Service Record Ullian Academy of Performing Arts- "PHD" equivalent in Interpretative Kinesiology. Multiple "Majors" in Social Studies, Linguistics and Public Policy.

Employed as a Program Manager for Criminal rehabilitation on Ullia. various institutions.

Enlists as a Civilian contractor to Starfleet Intelligence

Dominion War service record Classified. (Worked as a counter spy for Dominion and Cardassian agents. Did dark stuff, worked with black ops groups all over.)

Valkyries 109th Division- Mercenary outfit contracted to protect evacuation lines and refugees in transit.

SB109- Resident employed as Investigator.