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September 2023 Sim Report for August Activity

Posted on Thu 7th Sep, 2023 @ 5:08am by Commander Paul Graves PsyD

Theta Fleet Sim Report for August 2023 Activity
Date of submission: September 6, 2023

Sim name: Starbase 109
URL for website:
Name of commanding officer: Captain Gordon Francis
Task Group: 51-A

Number of members at beginning of month: 13
Number of members at end of month: 13
Names of characters/players departed during month: 0
Names of characters/players added during month: 0

Title of current mission: O’The Cardiff Rose
Description of current mission: Introduce new command staff. Deal with an uptick in pirate activity.

Number of posts (as shown on the stats page in Nova): 25
Post per player (user) average (as shown on the stats page in Nova): 1.92

Noteworthy changes/events on your sim during the preceding month: We began a new mission and became acquainted with our new commanding officer, Capt. Gordon Francis, and our new executive officer, Commander T’Venderath. We also have a new crew member, Xelphia Arrackis. To go along with the new CO, we have begun a new mission.

Noteworthy Milestones this Month: Lily (Dr. Cadence Marshall, MD): nearly 11 years. Lt. Rico Shephard, seven years. Congratulations, Lily and Brandon!

Problems (if any) that the command staff should be aware of: We are back on solid footing now and looking forward to writing with the new crew members.

Post of the Month nomination and reason: To Mike, Bret, Susan, Austen, and CF, for Too Close for Comfort, Part 1 - A joint post about a pirate attack on a medical ship. Our crew are getting off the starbase and hunting weplicants--I mean, pirates!

Player of the Month nomination and reason: Honestly, the entire crew, excluding me because I was out sick for much of August. They kept the sim going, and they did it magnificently.

Writer of the Month nominations and reasons: To Austen, for Kr’Togr: Ballad of the Half-Human Hero - This is a series of five posts (so far), which I believe Austen wrote while he was on leave earlier this year. Austen consistently produces some of the best writing I have seen on SB-109, and I always enjoy reading his posts. The way he gets into the Klingon way of thinking, in the bits between Partha and Kr’Togr in this first post impressed me.

Respectfully submitted

Chantal/Cmdr. Paul Graves
For the SB-109 Command Team


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