1. Each player character is expected to post once every 2 weeks. The only exception is someone on LOA for 7 days or fewer. Extended LOA of more than 7 days needs to be run past the Command Team. Contact needs to be maintained with the Command Team even on ELOA.

2. If you have a TAG, please reply to it within 5 days of it being tagged to you.

3. Don't rely on emails to tell you if you have a tag. Log in to 109's site at least every five days. We can see the last log in and last posting date for each player.

4. Posts should be at least 600 words in length for solo posts and personal logs and 800-1500 words for joint posts. Excessively short posts don't count. (One short personal log that is less than four lines doesn't count.)

Excessively long posts lose the readers' interest, so please break them into parts instead of posting something of more than 2000 words.

5. Try not to answer a tag with a couple of words only. Most of the time, it is hard for the other person to have to come up with everything.

Also, do not write several lines and send it on with multiple tags in between. That directs the story line in an unnatural way. Write your piece, tag, and wait to be tagged back.

6. As per the Player/Character Rules in Theta Fleet, DO NOT write for another Player Character or PNPC. Do not rewrite another person's tag. Fixing typos or punctuation is fine, as we all miss words, apostrophes, commas, etc., from time to time, but do not go beyond that. No one is expected to be perfect.

7. Please don't push the limits. For instance, our SB109 rules are PG13, and that includes no swearing or sexual content or innuendos. We do not accept players younger than age 13, and we will dismiss a player from membership if we find out the person is younger than age 13.

The Command Team does NOT like to have to reprimand anyone for breaking rules, but we are all expected to follow all eight of these rules. They are NOT guidelines, they are rules. They aren't extensive or severe, so please remember where you are simming.

8. All players must be treated with respect by all others players at all times. Any form of discrimination will result in immediate removal from the sim.