Starbase 109: The Sentinel

Starbase 109 is rated PG-13.

Although the Spacedock series of stations proved highly successful, by the 2330's Starfleet faced a problem with its latest ships. The trend had been for ever larger designs, and all projections were that this trend would continue for the foreseeable future. It was decided to build a small number of new, much larger facilities which could easily handle not only repair but also construction of significant numbers of the largest starships at need.

Construction of Starbase 74, the first of the new facilities, began in 2342. Despite many technical problems the project kept to its projected build time of sixteen years and the Starbase came on-line in 2358. Since this time two further facilities have been completed, including Starbase 109, and two more are currently underway.

During the terror of the Dominion war (Officially, 2373-2375), as the Founders' military forces devastated the Federation and resources dwindled, Starfleet handed Starbase 109 over to the Federation Civilian Defense Authority. The base was far from the front, and personnel were desperately needed elsewhere. For almost two decades, the FCDA and the local population struggled to keep the base running.

Then Hobus went supernova, destroying the Romulan homeworlds. Civil war erupted in the once mighty Star Empire. Meanwhile the Klingons, tired after decades of occupying Cardassia, faced increased internal pressures as well, drawing them away from old alliances. The space bordered by the two Empires and the Federation, known as the Triangle, began to grow in unrest. Raids on neighboring planets increased, and piracy, once a distant memory, erupted again. Starfleet reactivated the near-dormant Starbase late in 2390 to stand as a sentinel against chaos.

For almost six years, they've grown until the base is a thriving city with Starfleet, civilians and diplomats from across the galaxy. It is now coming up on 2397, and the base is well-inhabited, a crossroads for the sector. It has become a business and entertainment center, a retirement option with Tivoli Gardens and the more moderate Perry Gardens, and a playground for those who like to travel. It is also of great interest to the criminal element in space, and has a large refugee population in Brown Sector.

Starbase 109 is a cooperative writing game of Theta Fleet. If you like what you see, feel free to send us a character application! If you don't see the character you want to play in our starbase, then shoot us an e-mail and the Command Team will consider how you might fit into what's happening in this unique environment.

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Latest News Items

» A Member of the Addams Family

Posted on Thu 1st Feb, 2024 @ 12:38am by Commander Paul Graves PsyD in General News

Newer members of the sim might be unaware that descendants of the Addams family serve in Starfleet and/or live on the station.

Here is some member of the family playing music by Hildegard von Bingen--I kid you not!

An Addams Relative Who Can Sing!

» General Update: 9 December, 2023

Posted on Sat 9th Dec, 2023 @ 8:45pm by Criswell Sandbags in General News

Hi Everyone! Your friendly-neighborhood Acting Captain here with the Monthly Report:


Austen has won Theta Fleet Player of the Month! His return after a serious injury and surgery has been an inspiration to us all and it is an award well-deserved.

I also nominated Ruth in my report for Writer of the Month. In a dark time for our sim, her writing has remained consistently great and she is a lot of fun to write with!

Post of the Month Nominee went to "Security: Are Any of Us Truly Secure?," a post by Mike and me about the first meeting between Captain Gordon Francis and the station's hardened Chief of Security, Lieutenant-Commander Dallas Briggs. It took months to perfect, and I really like the outcome. Thanks Mike!

Other news:

SB109 has had a difficult year. There have been departures, injuries, extended leaves, and drastic changes in command everywhere. I want to thank everyone who has stuck around, and you all have my promise that next year will be much better.

So let's start writing! We still have great characters on this sim, and several amazing new stories that are just beginning! The base is facing the difficulties of new leadership, a pirate infestation, an overhaul of Brown Sector, and a brewing temporal/dimensional crisis to name just a few. I want to start telling stories again. Let's end this year on a high note!

I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays! Chanukah has started and Christmas is just a few short weeks away, with the New Year shortly after! I hope everyone stays safe and has lots of fun with families and friends.

My best to you all!

CF (Captain Francis/Criswell Sandbags)
Acting Captain
Starbase 109, Theta Fleet

» School versus Sim: School Won

Posted on Thu 23rd Nov, 2023 @ 1:10am by Commander Paul Graves PsyD in General News

Hello, all--I have formally announced to the Command Team that I need to go on an extended leave of absence because of school. I'm pursuing a BS in Healthcare Administration through night school, but I can't do that and write in this sim, too. I tried to tell myself I could, and then a month passed, and I'm still not back to writing.

I will be on vacation from work December 23-January 1, so I intend to do some writing then. During Thanksgiving week, I plan to write some kind of post to take Paul out of the picture for a while--maybe a counseling conference or a brief guest teaching position. I know I have JPs that Ruth and Susan are waiting on me to finish, so I hope to work on them this week if Susan and Ruth are available.

I do plan to return to 109, but only when I can take a few days away from work, so I'll have time to write. I'm not certain of my graduation date right now. It all depends on how long I take to finish my coursework. I intend to finish it more quickly than my program mentor has scheduled for it. I'll keep you all posted.

Much love to you all. To those of you living in the US, Happy Thanksgiving! I'm grateful for having had the joy of writing with all of you, and I look forward to writing with you again, once I have a B.S. after my name. :)


» September 2023 Sim Report for August Activity

Posted on Thu 7th Sep, 2023 @ 5:08am by Commander Paul Graves PsyD in General News

Theta Fleet Sim Report for August 2023 Activity
Date of submission: September 6, 2023

Sim name: Starbase 109
URL for website:
Name of commanding officer: Captain Gordon Francis
Task Group: 51-A

Number of members at beginning of month: 13
Number of members at end of month: 13
Names of characters/players departed during month: 0
Names of characters/players added during month: 0

Title of current mission: O’The Cardiff Rose
Description of current mission: Introduce new command staff. Deal with an uptick in pirate activity.

Number of posts (as shown on the stats page in Nova): 25
Post per player (user) average (as shown on the stats page in Nova): 1.92

Noteworthy changes/events on your sim during the preceding month: We began a new mission and became acquainted with our new commanding officer, Capt. Gordon Francis, and our new executive officer, Commander T’Venderath. We also have a new crew member, Xelphia Arrackis. To go along with the new CO, we have begun a new mission.

Noteworthy Milestones this Month: Lily (Dr. Cadence Marshall, MD): nearly 11 years. Lt. Rico Shephard, seven years. Congratulations, Lily and Brandon!

Problems (if any) that the command staff should be aware of: We are back on solid footing now and looking forward to writing with the new crew members.

Post of the Month nomination and reason: To Mike, Bret, Susan, Austen, and CF, for Too Close for Comfort, Part 1 - A joint post about a pirate attack on a medical ship. Our crew are getting off the starbase and hunting weplicants--I mean, pirates!

Player of the Month nomination and reason: Honestly, the entire crew, excluding me because I was out sick for much of August. They kept the sim going, and they did it magnificently.

Writer of the Month nominations and reasons: To Austen, for Kr’Togr: Ballad of the Half-Human Hero - This is a series of five posts (so far), which I believe Austen wrote while he was on leave earlier this year. Austen consistently produces some of the best writing I have seen on SB-109, and I always enjoy reading his posts. The way he gets into the Klingon way of thinking, in the bits between Partha and Kr’Togr in this first post impressed me.

Respectfully submitted

Chantal/Cmdr. Paul Graves
For the SB-109 Command Team

» CF's July Report

Posted on Tue 1st Aug, 2023 @ 4:11am by Criswell Sandbags in General News

Hi all! I thought I'd give some of my thoughts on our progression as a sim, the new command characters, and a little of July in general. Chantal has been taking it easy for a little while, so I'm sorry you have to put up with me instead.

So, just one post for the month of July. At least we didn't have zero! It's been a difficult and/or busy summer for a lot of people, what with work, vacations, illness, and heat to name a few main factors. I think it would have been far more tragic had that been the case. If anyone in the next four hours or so wants to churn out a little something, by all means go ahead!

Another big factor that has made things difficult here is another change in command. We have two entirely new senior officers in Captain Francis and Commander T'Venderath, both of whom are primed and ready for JPs and mini-adventures as we transition into the first all-player mission SB-109 has had in years! We're also trying to bring new players aboard to help make things even more interesting. We have openings everywhere!

Right now, there are twelve of us. It would be great to see everyone contributing to the sim in some way in August and the rest of the year to come. If you feel stuck, don't be afraid to reach out. Writer's block seizes everyone at some point, so don't be... don't think you can't... um... I can't think of the rest. But in the immortal words of the Beatles, I will try with a little help from my friends and fellow players!

An exciting bit of news: Lieutenant Kiara Lena is going into year five here on the sim in a matter of days. Congrats and thanks for being here!!! I myself am finishing year two in a few days as well. So great to be here!

I'm looking forward to a great future for the sim, filled with exciting character arcs and some fun stories and plots. We were the Sim of the Year in 2022, according to Theta Fleet Awards. Let's go for 2023 too!

Best to all of you,

Latest Mission Posts

» Mr Midnight's Prodigal Nightmare Pt 2

Mission: O' the Cardiff Rose
Posted on Thu 4th Apr, 2024 @ 1:56pm by Renato Solis


-And now…

{URV-1136 Cafe}

-18 hours to arrival-

Renato had almost finished his letter when an argument in the cabin took his attention and sober mind away. He tried to reclaim the swirl of emotions that had compelled his writers hand but the firm block of a crying…

» Mr Midnight's Prodigal Nightmare

Mission: O' the Cardiff Rose
Posted on Thu 4th Apr, 2024 @ 1:26pm by Renato Solis


{URV-1136 in transit to Ullia}

-36 hours to arrival-

Renato was spared some of the usual miseries of these long shuttle flights. Sometimes the gravity was not palatable, and the snacks were thin non-existent all purpose wafers. Pealing babies, personal animal companions, the list of potential tortures had gotten…

» Skitter Popping the Jigging Frog pt4

Mission: O' the Cardiff Rose
Posted on Sun 31st Mar, 2024 @ 2:14pm by Izwyx 'Lo


Johep was able to call directions in real time to the pilots. As though fingers were directly moving the colonnade of space protected in a shell of energized plasma, the gondola stopped moving into the danger zones finally.

“Captain, Impulse Manifolds are in similar straits, at 114% safeties…

» Skitter Popping the Jigging Frog pt3

Mission: O' the Cardiff Rose
Posted on Sun 31st Mar, 2024 @ 12:57pm by Izwyx 'Lo


...the impulse engines glowed into overheating reversing the strain. Still the iron grip was maintained, her tractor emitter officer a trusty veteran of many years of service. He’d never relent, especially with the lives of so many on the line, especially if their payday was in trouble.


» Skitter Popping the Jigging Frog pt2

Mission: O' the Cardiff Rose
Posted on Sun 31st Mar, 2024 @ 12:02pm by Izwyx 'Lo


…About ten percent of the path beginning from the Gondolas ascent had been mapped, the tractor beam confirmed configurations were updating.

“Captain, target lock confirmed.”

Izzy sat forward, considering the board with its holo display. “Ok good, this gets us started, they aren't in trouble yet we have…

Latest Personal Logs

» Krell's Personal Log

Posted on Wed 31st Jan, 2024 @ 5:52pm by Krell House of Mer'uk

Krell had shown the last two of his guests to their quarters on the Amar and went back to his quarters and decided to take a moment to add to his personal log. He sat down at the desk. It was nothing special, just a hard alloy metal frame like…

» Captain's Personal Log

Posted on Thu 23rd Nov, 2023 @ 5:21am by Commander Zed

Zed walked over to her sofa and sat down and pulled her legs up under her, effectively curling up comfortably. She picked up the PADD and the hot cup of black tea that was on the near by end table. She activated the PADD with her fingerprint. The screen came…

» Prodigal Outlaw

Posted on Mon 4th Sep, 2023 @ 8:26pm by Renato Solis

-Renato Solis: Personal Log entry-

{Civilian RT Hauler “OllyOxenFree” ~16 hours to Ullia~}

I can’t say the word without it making me feel ill. “Home.” The word chokes me every time. Where is home, not down the path by which I am now dragged inexorably screaming. Who is there, do…

» Cello Disaster Averted

Posted on Fri 25th Aug, 2023 @ 6:54am by Lieutenant JG Kellian Michaels

Kellian Michaels came in from work and flopped down on his sofa. He could never understand why running lab tests all day could make him this tired, but he was glad to be out of the forensics lab.

"Computer, check personal email," he directed.

Working, the computer said. Letter from…

» A Captain's Personal Log

Posted on Mon 3rd Apr, 2023 @ 5:04am by Commander Zed

It was late and Zed was having a hard time trying to sleep. She had meditated for two hours and was unsuccessful. She relaxed her grip and sighed. She opened her eyes reluctantly and uncrossed her legs and stood up. Walking over to her desk, she sat down and activated…