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Izwyx 'Lo

Name Izwyx 'Lo

Position Civilian

Character Information

Gender Female
Species El-Aurian
Age 130

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 170lb
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description "Izzy" has cultivated a demure and humble outward affect to avoid intimidating people she interacts with. Once she has made herself comfortable the more rowdy and fun aspects of her personality come out. Always dressed in uniform or casual outfits carefully planned to be unflattering and all business. She is somewhat tall with a solid athletic frame. Clear athleticism and muscle tone is evident when when makes fast motions. She is never without palm scanner, a device worn on her wrist facing out from palm.


Spouse Ollan (Separated)
Children Gouffa, Heekij
Father Deceased
Mother Deceased
Brother(s) Deceased
Sister(s) Deceased
Other Family Toroan Vii refugee complex- Rigel

Personality & Traits

General Overview Izzy has lived enough drama and adventure to find it mundane. Adrenaline and the fear of death are not motivators for her, but rather the thrill of setting goals and achieving them. Her innate abilities to learn and retain information allowed her to become proficient in many fields, and earned her ranks quickly. She is gracious, loving, but a lady of the law who follows her instinct to ensure justice is meted out. She ha studied the politics of the Federation her whole life and seems to know everything in the news.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Extremely well trained: Ops, Command, Tactical, Comms, Diplomacy
+ Experienced officer of forty eight years
+ Knows the players in the game well.
+ A true Starfleet Paragon
- Cynical and slow to trust
- Slow to open combat, seeks alternatives at peril
- Very stubborn at times, needs a friend to speak up.
Ambitions Izzy has no further interest in children or family raising. After her kids grew up they began families, a repopulation boom for El-Aurians intended to rally their wayward people. She is instead focused on the new home world "Toroas" and its fledgling colony for El-Aurians.
Hobbies & Interests Pursuing Starfleet's mandate of exploration. finding new challenges she can conquer, like climbing mountains, learning Klingon, or winning Dabo despite a rigged table.

Personal History Toroas is a pleasant little world recently recovered from meteroric fallout and uninhabited. Rigel built an O'neill Cylinder there as the world below is researched and tamed, so the El-Aurians may gather. Izzy was born in a re population center program from a test tube. Her parents had been killed by Borg, and preserved for this purpose to later have a chance to spawn new generations. She was born and given fifteen years of childhood development time, then she was expected to begin Domestic training. At twenty she was expected to birth at least two pure blooded El-Aurians. She di dthem back to back, eager to move on.

2366- Toroas paired her with Ollan, and she agreed up to thirty years of maternal service. She was given every measure of access to space engineers training throughout her life, and she latched onto ship operations without looking back. Her Children dont resent her, this is the El-Aurian way.

An obligation to her citizenship there forced her to stay and provide genetic material for more children, and raised them for twenty four total years of service once she had achieved adulthood. When she was released from her duties Starfleet Academy called to her.

The academy was easy to her as a fifty something ingenue, and she found her natural skills served to smooth the conversation with very important people. Charm beguiled the wits of many who didn't realize the demure brunette with batty eyelashes was deftly manipulating affairs to suit her agenda.
Service Record Toroan Learning Annex- Specialist titles for Starship systems awarded. Awards granted for scientific fairs.

Starfleet Academy- Operations track, opted for extended stay to accomplish Command training at behest of Admiral 'Loth Ho. Graduated honors, Command School.

USS Belfast- two years service promotion to LT; combat promotion to LT CMDR.

NX 5548 Mobile Depot Ticonderoga- Five years service, Executive officer, Douglas award, Carrington Prize, promoted to CMDR

Duty assignment- Toroas Diplomatic corps

USS Charity- First Officer- Demotion to LT CMDR

TK Haneda- Tellarite Consortium mining vessel, six months Captain of ship. Medal of Valor awarded.

USS Cascadia- Captain, eight years.

USS Thunderchild- transfer to command cruiser.