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Criswell Sandbags

Name Criswell Fassbottim Sandbags

Position Qaraq's Assistant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Hu-mon (Terran)
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 157 lba
Hair Color Black, balding
Eye Color green
Physical Description A slightly tall but not imposing stature. He has thin black hair, bald on top but not the sides. . His biggest redeeming quality is the genuine friendliness of his jovial green eyes, and strong, optimistic temperment.


Spouse never married
Children n/a
Father Hwak, adopted
Mother Nuufra, adopted
Sister(s) none
Other Family some extended relatives (aunts, uncles, cousins)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Criswell Fassbottim Sandbags probably got his name from a case of word salad when his Ferengi father, Hwak, was forced to adopt him after losing a bet... or it could've been his real hu-mon name given to him when a poor Terran family had to abandon their infant at Hwak's doorstep. It might also have been Criswell's first words spoken to his adopted father when he was a toddler. The story has been told countless times, each time contradicting the last. Much of Criswell's history is full of such instances.

Criswell is a jovial man with an easy-going personality. He's also conniving, dishonest, and cheats at Dabo. However, he is loyal to his friends, the few he decides he has. He makes his living the way every Ferengi is supposed to: by any means necessary. He isn't afraid of menial tasks if it means making an honest or dishonest credit. He's funny, outgoing, and very manipulative. In short, chaotic good.

But the thing that makes Criswell interesting, and possibly even likable, is his battle with his own humanity. While he'd never say it, he desires to be more like his fellow hu-mons. He just doesn't show it very well.
Strengths & Weaknesses Criswell has an uncanny ability to get out of any difficult situation. He's also very friendly, if not a bit nebulous.

As for weaknesses, he doesn't trust many people. He was brought up in a culture where everyone is dishonest. This gets him into trouble with a lot of people. His strengths may cancel this out, but it also means he's a very lonely person.
Ambitions Criswell is in it for the money. All of it. He's constantly looking for profit. However, he secretly is desperate to learn more about what it means to be hu-mon.
Hobbies & Interests Criswell enjoys all kinds of media, especially anything with a story. He likes to tell stories and he likes hearing them. He's always up for an adventure.

Personal History The most we know for sure about Criswell is that he is a terran raised by Ferengi. Everything else gets rather lost in the translation. He claims to be a "jack of all trades," but it's hard to tell which "trades" he's actually done. It is known he's been a crew member of several merchant ships representing several races. He has few friends, but there are people who owe him the occasional favor.
Service Record n/a